On-Demand Webinar: Point of View on the New ASHRAE Guidelines

On-Demand Webinar: Point of View on the New ASHRAE Guidelines: A Conversation with Dr. Magnus Herrlin and Bruce Taylor

The new 2012 ASHRAE Thermal Guidelines are out, with reduction of energy use and cost firmly in mind. While the big news is that “hotter” is the new black, it takes more then turning down the cooling to safely run at more aggressive intake temperatures without sacrificing equipment availability. What exactly do data center owners and operators need to know about the new ASHRAE Thermal Guideline? It may not be what you think.

This webinar presents a discussion between Dr. Magnus Herrlin and Bruce Taylor, as these two well-known industry experts discuss the latest ASHRAE guidelines. Separating fact from fiction, Magnus and Bruce provide insight into a number of issues, including: 

  • What the new guidelines mean for your data center
  • What characteristics you need to thoroughly understand in order to operate at “audacious” intake temperatures
  • How far is too far and what do you need to know to close in on the allowable temperature limit
  • The role of metrics, including RCI and RTI that are included in the Thermal Guidelines, and how leveraging them can help.

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